Environmentally sustainable development & sensible economic growth

Kirkland is growing rapidly. Our streets are congested, schools are overcrowded, prices in the housing market are soaring, and our environment is being impacted by all this growth. We need leaders with ideas and plans to help our community grow in balanced, sustainable ways that benefit all of us. 

Fiscal responsibility & transparency 

Our city budget must be scrutinized carefully to eliminate wasteful spending and must represent the priorities of the community with input from the public. As a member of the city council, I intend to create more opportunities to increase transparency and accountability so residents have a chance to be heard during the budget process and in regular meetings of the council. 

Support for small business

As a small business owner, I understand the economic challenges that come with trying to start and grow a business. I will work to make sure Kirkland maintains its unique character by supporting our local small businesses. We must ensure that small businesses continue to thrive in our neighborhoods as Kirkland continues to grow.

Affordable housing

A significant percentage of people who work in Kirkland cannot afford to live here, and have to spend hours each day to drive through congested roads to get to work or home. It's sad to know that teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters, and others who work in Kirkland often cannot live here. It’s important to build coalitions with the county, non-governmental agencies, and developers to find solutions to our housing crisis and increase the supply of affordable housing in Kirkland.

Transit & traffic congestion

More and more, getting around in Kirkland and on the Eastside has become stressful because traffic is getting more congested. I will advocate for Transit Oriented Developments that have residential, retail, grocery, office, parking, and childcare units serviced well with different transit options so we continue to encourage people to walk, bike or take the bus to reduce the number of cars travelling on congested roads.


As a teacher, I know first-hand the importance of getting a good education.  Kirkland has some of the best public schools in the state and we need to continue to create equal opportunity to a quality education. We need to make sure all students feel supported whether they pursue higher education or utilize apprenticeships and technical training if they choose not to go to college right after high school. With these skills they will find better paying jobs and be in a position to have a better quality of life.

Support for our seniors

Seniors who have lived in Kirkland for decades cannot afford to live in their homes anymore because of rising property taxes, due to escalating home prices. They have to move to unfamiliar neighborhoods hundreds of miles away because that’s what they can afford. I will work to raise awareness of the property tax relief programs available for senior citizens and the disabled in our community. 

Improve community centers

Our community centers should be inviting places for our children, seniors and retired folks to visit and maintain connections with their neighbors. Each community center needs to be revitalized so as to be a hub where all can take advantage of various activities so our children and seniors can stay fit and healthy. 

Civic engagement & inclusive leadership

When it comes to tackling issues, I believe in collaborating and building relationships. As an immigrant, I would like to empower people from the diverse backgrounds who live and work in Kirkland to participate in community and civic activities. We all benefit when people from different cultures, faiths and backgrounds engage in our local community. As a member of Kirkland Downtown Rotary Club, KirklandSafe and as a trustee on the board of of the East Shore Unitarian Universalists, I have worked to bring people together to help with children’s issues and bring awareness to causes concerning social justice.